10 Child Celebs Who Aged Badly!

Contents of this video▭ 00:00 – Introduction 00:08 – Macaulay Culkin 00:50 – Lark Voorhies 01:28 – Jeremy Miller 01:56 – Haley …


33 thoughts on “10 Child Celebs Who Aged Badly!

  1. I haven't watched the video. I just wanted to say this is WICKED!! About time people realized this kind of thing could hurt feelings deeply. WHY would anyone want to point this out to everyone, unless they were wicked and counted on their kind watching & gloating, AND what about your behaving badly by doing this video. WHICH IS WORSE?? Good intentions are far more important than good impressions. FACTS: BEWARE OF KARMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Macaulay Culkin doesn't look like that anymore he is not on drugs and is cleaned up and is married with a child this must be very old and who are the hell are you to say who looks good and doesn't you're a bully making this video I didn't watch it all the way through

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