10 Famous Singers Rejected By American Idol

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37 thoughts on “10 Famous Singers Rejected By American Idol

  1. The judges are nothing more than people with their own opinions and what does Simon do beside sit in his chair and criticize? Just because he’s the man with the bucks does make him a pro as an artist. He wouldn’t know what that is.

  2. Makes one think about the validity of the idol projects. How can you have yesterdays has beens choosing tomorrows talents. This is an unnecessary control on the advent of music…. These talents that didnt give up are the real future!

  3. Ohhh so sorry.. me too I am a Hollywood singer dreamer but I think I must stop chasing my dream cause I've never won to any singing auditions though I'm good at singing

  4. 3:52 – the DUMBEST thing I have ever heard…. saying the voice judges are better?? HA… Name 1 voice winner who has done half as much as an Idol winner? I don't even care about the shows… but Idol produces top talent… the Voice produces opening acts… at best…

  5. Not saying this about any of these singers in the video, just a general statement. There are many famous or somewhat famous singers that aren’t that great as a singer but they are attractive, have style, good at entertaining people, or know someone. Some singers aren’t good by themselves but in a group they are great. I think it’s about if you believe in yourself and you’re being honest with yourself that you do have some talent then don’t give up. And sometimes a person sings great with a duel that other person gives you more confidence and you both bounce of off one another’s talent. Then there are people who cannot sing at all but have all the above they should think about modeling or doing something with fashion or working with other celebrities helping them choose trendy styles.

  6. You forgot Jennifer Hudson. During the 3rd season she was on American Idol, she was the best singer. I still don’t understand why the best singers like her never win.

  7. Jennifer Hudson for sure don't know how they missed that think it was Simon she is such an amazing singer but I think it was the best thing that happened to her many singers who have won American Idol have faded into oblivion after a year or so

  8. The rejected by American Idol people are becoming much bigger star musicians than the American Idols themselves. Holy Cow I didn't know Alan Ritchson was on American Idol! He's a great Actor! Love his hit series!

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