12 Things to do in Ventura: Beaches, Restaurants & More

Ventura, located between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, is a beautiful city full of history that is also the jumping-off point to …


34 thoughts on “12 Things to do in Ventura: Beaches, Restaurants & More

  1. As someone who was raised in Ventura I agree!! Beautiful video. I will definitely have to try Pete’s breakfast House! I don’t like the clam chowder at Spencer Makenzie‘s and their fish and chips or mediocre in my opinion, but I’ll have to try some other stuff there.

  2. That was beautiful and very informative! I’ve lived in Ventura for 11 years and have not visited all of these places yet. The only thing I would add is the visitor’s center downtown. It has great information, friendly staff, and Ventura branded merchandise.

  3. Yes love this! Ventura is my favorite little gem, and I feel so lucky to have grown up here. A few things I also think are great in the marina are: Andria’s Seafood. Honestly the best fish & chips you’ll ever have. And they make other yummy goodies too. I also love the retro arcade the marina has. As a kid, I was obsessed! Definitely great for kids. You can also rent paddle boats or kayaks around the marina and that’s always a fun thing to do. Sometimes you’ll see fishermen with their catch of the day, sea lions, or other fun things. And lastly, downtown Ventura has amazing thrift stores! A few even work with some great organizations. Anyways thanks for capturing all the amazing things that Ventura offers. ☺️

  4. Love your videos! It would be amazing if you pointed out if any given restaurant has any healthy food or plant based options. Millions of vegetarians and vegans are always looking for a mention like this. I really want to get out there and explore my state, but planning around food limitations is a lot of work. Any help is appreciated! Thanks for all your beautiful videos.

  5. merci pour la video
    j'y suis allé 3 semaines il y a deux ans chez un ami qui y habite.
    cela m'a rappelé de bons souvenirs.
    j'ai tous fais sauf la croix et sa vue dommage cela a l'air magnifique.
    juste un mots sur la nourriture mais mon estomac de Français aurait eu du mal avec certaines choses.
    sinon ventura vaut une visite

  6. Ventura has so much to offer! Amazing restaurants. Johnny’s mexican Food, Lalos, Cuernavaca, Great Central Steak and Hoagie, and all of the restaurants mentioned by others. I miss Ventura!!!

  7. Ventura is the raddest town ever. Laid back and Hardcore with no pretentions at same time. . Go to Corrales and take it down to Surfers Point or up to The Cross and put on that Lucinda Williams song. That is what living is.

  8. If you live in Ventura then you know that the crime, drug and Homeless problem is getting worse. The cost of living has gone through the roof. It used to be one of the last affordable places to live on the coast. Not anymore. It used to be a really great slow-paced beach City. A new batch of people have moved in and changed that. I guess they are trying to get rid of the Ventucky nickname.

  9. Thanks for the fun video on my hometown. I've been gone for 18 years now, and not been back for a visit in nearly 5. Worked for the City for just shy of 13 years. I have many fond memories of Ventura. I enjoy your videos. Keep them coming!

  10. The biggest thing you left out were the corn burritos and one of my favorite is the bean, rice and cheese burrito from Corrales(don’t forget the hot sauce) . Also best donuts hands down in the USA is K D Village Donuts off telegraph near Anacapa middle school

  11. That first of the last two restaurants was way too expensive. $9.50 for two pancakes… I don't think so…. The last restaurant looked very good, though…

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