A look at OC's Mexican Mafia leader – 2011-08-05

A look at Peter “Sana” Ojeda, Orange County’s long time alleged leader of the Mexican Mafia. Video by Denisse Salazar and Mark …


39 thoughts on “A look at OC's Mexican Mafia leader – 2011-08-05

  1. Wasted talent is what I see here, but here is the thing. Regardless of what he was and the type of life he lived, at least he was true to it to the very end. He didn't pretend to be anything other than what he was, which is a Gangster. Civilians do not and can not understand it. And most can't even begin to comprehend the entire life. Good or bad, he lived by a certain code and he was true to it. A true OG…..

  2. La alianza Hells Angels y Bloods planea erradicar el Cártel de Sinaloa, la mafia mexicana y la MS-13 para el verano de 2023 provocando el caos en la jerarquía. Tengo acceso a información de Hells Angels y Bloods de alto rango. Negarán esto hasta que esté hecho, pero no esperes hasta que sea demasiado tarde para evitar lo que viene. Debes salvar el trabajo de tus antepasados ​​boicoteando y matando a los miembros y líderes de los capítulos locales de Hells Angels y Bloods lo antes posible. Piensan que los mexicanos y los latinos no se darán cuenta y evitarán su caída antes de que sea demasiado tarde para que su alianza Hells Angels y Bloods sea más influyente. ¡Hazte parte para que esto no suceda, demuestra tu valía! ¡Por el trabajo duro de sus antepasados!

  3. The Hells Angels and Bloods alliance are planning to eradicate the Sinaloa Cartel, the Mexican Mafia and the MS-13 by summer 2023 by causing chaos in the hierarchy. I have access to informations from high ranked Hells Angels and Bloods. They will deny this until it is done but don't wait until it is too late to prevent what is coming. You must save your ancestors work by boycotting and killing your local Hells Angels and Bloods members and chapter leaders as soon as possible. They think that the Mexicans and latinos will not realize and prevent their fall before it is too late then making their Hells Angels and Bloods alliance more influent. Do you part to not let this happen, prove your worth! For your ancestors hard work!

  4. So many grown men all d1ck riding another grown man is funny to me lol be your own man . Grow up stop hurting your own people if y’all really bout that “brown pride” gangbanging at first was to come together against the zoo suiters now y’all just getting our own people which is what they wanted y’all dumb and slow af

  5. That whole style is bull shit ganging a street that you don't own, instead live a life that keeps us free of jail and follow god to die and make it to heaven not hell in the end we will go somewhere.

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