Adam Barcenas: Footage shows moments leading up to death of man fatally shot by Oxnard cop

Warning: Graphic content, readers’ discretion advised.
OXNARD, CALIFORNIA: The Oxnard Police Department has released the bodycam footage showing the moments leading up to the killing of a man who threatened cops. An officer has been accused of fatally shooting 60-year-old Adam Barcenas on a downtown street.ADVERTISEMENT
The bodycam footage, released on Friday, March 17, shows Barcenas charging toward officers with a five-foot steel bar while the cops were conducting a DUI investigation. Barcenas, who was not involved in the investigation, then confronted them. Officer Shayn Schwartz has been accused of subsequently killing Barcenas. He was assisted by officers Alexus Santos and Bryce Parker, according to VC Star. Adam Barcenas has a long history of violence, disorderly conduct, and robbery, according to the outlet. VC Star also reports that he attacked two senior citizens in Oxnard in 2019, one of whom, Armida Castro, 71, passed away a few days after the attack.
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What does the bodycam footage show?
The cops’ three patrol cars were reportedly parked near a grass lawn and bench outside the post office building between A Street and Oxnard Boulevard. In the first footage, Santos is seen talking to the DUI suspect when Barcenas began shouting. “Hey, you f***ing pigs,” he yelled. “I hate you.”ADVERTISEMENT
Santos said, “Watch out…get back,” as Barcenas came into view. He was seen holding a large pole. Santos pulled out her taser, as shown in the video, which is about seven minutes and 42 seconds long. Barcenas was seen holding the bar and approaching Schwartz, and it appeared as though he was lifting the pole when he was shot. He was then seen stumbling and dropping the pole.
The incident was captured in three different bodycam footage. In all of them, officers can be heard shouting: “Hey, put it down!” After the shots were fired, Schwartz said to his radio: “Shots fired. Officer needs help.” The department said three of the four rounds fired hot Barcenas, He was struck in his inner right thigh, left hip, and left upper torso. Barcenas was initially treated at the scene. He was later taken to Ventura County Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.ADVERTISEMENT


Who are the officers involved?
Schwartz, who has been with the department since April 2022, previously served with the Burbank Police Department starting in 2018. While Santos has been with the department since April 2020, Parker joined in April 2022. Parker previously served as a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy since 2019. All three officers have been put on paid administrative leave.ADVERTISEMENT
The incident will now be investigated by the department’s major crimes unit. The report will be submitted to the Ventura County District Attorney’s Office for legal review. An administrative review will be done by the department’s professional standards division to determine whether the cops’ actions were in line with agency policy. The DA’s office will also be investigating the case to determine whether the use of force was legally justified.

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