Adult film actress walks off TV talk show after being insulted by the host

Seka is an American pornographic actress who appeared in many pornographic films during the late 1970s and the 1980s.


35 thoughts on “Adult film actress walks off TV talk show after being insulted by the host

  1. I thought a host should be unbiased in his mannerisms and speech. This guy had an underlying tone of prejudice, maybe jealousy too. Johnny Carson wouldn't do that. An Angelic beauty shows up on his show and he craps on it.
    Homer Simpson is a genius now.

  2. He did insult her. I'm gay but he was ready to attack her verbally as soon as she went onto his show because of what she does for a living . She was right to walk off.

  3. Calling porn actors and prostitutes, SLUT, is since 1980s regarded as an "insult". This kind of permissible thinking gave America Trump, a POTUS cheating in his wife with porn prostitutes. This is where we as a civilization are at.

  4. Hermosa mujer con clase, frente a un patán. Lamentable y repudiable lo que hizo Morton Downey Jr (RIP). El hecho de que la señora sea una trabajadora sexual no le daba permiso para tratarla así. Espero que tras tantos años, las cosas sean diferentes hoy.

  5. Here's a fun fact. M.D. Jr. was just 22 years older than Seka. And he died in 2001 at the age of 69. Seka in today's day and age is 69 and living. If Seka manages to live for another 22 more years. It'll be like be the biggest humiliation for M. D. Jr. That a porn star not only lived past M.D. Jr's age when he died. But also lived the 22 year age difference.

  6. Wow that is hateful how this jerk goes on about his interviewees…… like, who does he think he is. Even if he's right with his statistics, he doesn't have to demean her like that. I'm all for free speach and speaking hard facts, but have some common decency, for f*ck's sake.

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