Amanda Bynes Files to End Her Conservatorship

ET has learned that Amanda Bynes filed a petition at Ventura County Superior Court to terminate her conservatorship.


37 thoughts on “Amanda Bynes Files to End Her Conservatorship

  1. Amanda needs to be free of her conservatorship so she can finally learn her man is not the best for her and that black eyeliner on her is not a good look. I’m saddened her condition got worst and she cannot break free in so many ways.

  2. We love you Amanda!!!!!!!! Get better soon!!!! We know how it is and none of us here are better than you. We're in this together!!! Rooting for you.

  3. I’m a psychotherapist and she’s got more than bipolar. My guess would be schizoaffective disorder. She needs a conservator.

  4. I think the Britney Spears case and the Amanda Bynes cases are completely different Britney Spears was working 80 hours a week and was mentally stable but Amanda Bynes has severe bipolar disorder with manic depressive episodes I think she needs to in a conservatorship for her safety

  5. If someone is truly mentally ill, you can set the money up take care of them and it doesn’t include people robbing the bank. If they are foolish, let them blow it and be done with it. My Daughter had a TBI many years ago, won a nice chunk of change from the lawsuit. I tried to control her money by setting it up to be given in intervals. She did an end run around me, borrowed against it. We argued for 5 years, it was heartbreaking. I couldn’t wait for the money to be gone. Now many years later (20) the money is long gone and life is back to normal. Money is the root to evil. Give this girl her money and let her continue on her path. If it ends tragically, that’s because it was supposed to.

  6. "Who does what to what???…!!!" Nobody cares about these nobodys. STOP coverage of them. LET them sink into the abysmal mire of old Hollywood and new Internet. I literally hope and pray Lindsay Lohan drowns in Malibu Drāno before she hosts Jay Leno's latest pathetic cash-grab game show.

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