America Unearthed: The New World Order (S2, E2) | Full Episode | History

Deep beneath the Denver Airport, conspiracy theorists say a revolutionary group that calls itself the New World Order is operating …


37 thoughts on “America Unearthed: The New World Order (S2, E2) | Full Episode | History

  1. After ww2 they have already had something called the liberal world order. This is a new world order where toy will own nothing and be happy they say. Based off a ESG system. Look into it if you don't know what I'm talking about

  2. May the order of the red cross continue to supply and distribute the body and blood of all fellowships throughout the nine kingdoms of the mortal realm, count and countess, counting bodies like sheep,,,,

  3. They did that just did that with covid-19 to test it and how many people would die for population control if they pull the wool over people's eyes we see what just happened they got it they want to see how many people will die from it we got stopped the next one

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