AMERICA – VENTURA HIGHWAY (central park 79')

At the end of the summer of 1979 renowned Australian documentary film maker Peter Clinton travelled to New York to film the final …


28 thoughts on “AMERICA – VENTURA HIGHWAY (central park 79')

  1. How are all those kids alive and breathing? I thought you had to have a cell phone as life support at a concert while recording everything instead of actually watching it? This is a miracle…not one cellphone and no fatalities! I take my kids cellphone away they instantly fall to the floor “I’m melting!”

  2. The only thing I wish was different while being a teen in the 70s and enjoying the best music ever, is that we didn’t have digital cameras to capture more of our experiences. These videos are such treasures.

  3. So, a strange route to finding this song- I was watching a compilation of SNL's 'The Californians' skits and whenever they announce the sketch its always followed by a clip of a wine glass being filled with a white wine and a guitar riff. The riff is so singular it stuck in my mind so one day I decided to look up that backing track and it led me here. Weird, huh? Great song…I've heard it before but that riff is isolated and by itself it just sounds so classy so I never made the connection. Also haven't heard this song since I was a kid! Anyway, it fit perfectly with the intro to the sketch (tho maybe not the sketch itself, if you've seen it you know what I mean).

  4. My Wife and I were fortunate enough to meet and greet them In Virginia at a somewhat small venue. I had with me their first two albums and they graciously autographed each album and certified that they were the original. We also got an autographed guitar pick from each of them and they are now proudly framed and protected in our home.

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