Andy Wray Full Live Set (Original) At Ventura County Pride

Ventura County Pride was an amazing experience for me, met amazing souls, and gave me the opportunity to see some old …


1 thought on “Andy Wray Full Live Set (Original) At Ventura County Pride

  1. Hello Andrew. I auditioned all your Pride Performance songs, and your home recording, as well as your first solo stage performance in 2016. You have great material & songs from your heart. You are well developed with song writing & guitar skills. I believe that your music will be a blessing to others. I know that I can easily work with you to achieve a really professional sound and help you get exposure through the Concert Art Shows. The other students will love your material. You have great potential.With some professional alternative accelerated education & help, you could quickly achieve your dreams & goals.Particularly, my favorites (although all were good writing), favs are:Sunflower,  Who's To Blame, and the one that was not titled at Pride (no title listed) one with no capo. I recorded it so you'll know. These may be the best picks to start re-structuring.

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