Anti-Masker Strikes Again In Ventura County | NowThis

This ‘viral’ anti-mask, pro-Trump public commenter popped up at another city council meeting in Ventura, California. » Subscribe …


38 thoughts on “Anti-Masker Strikes Again In Ventura County | NowThis

  1. I wonder sometimes how a advanced and strong nation like America has people like these at these positions. While Asians are more easier to manage and understanding.
    Edit: And this from an non American perspective

  2. There are lots of other people who wear masks for safety for their jobs…how come she didn't mention any of them. Masks are used for various safety reasons. The intelligence here is astounding, ugh!

  3. “Wearing a mask isn’t normal.” Yes indeed it is not and sooo many other things in 2021. I mean natural selection should take over but for as far back we go humans try to save lives and fight to be alive. Yes one size does not fit all so find a mask that fits you if you are interacting with others.

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