BB Chung King & The Buddaheads @ 10th Annual Ventura County Blues Festival 4-25-15

BB Chung King & The Buddaheads At 10th Annual Ventura County Blues Festival 4-25-15.


21 thoughts on “BB Chung King & The Buddaheads @ 10th Annual Ventura County Blues Festival 4-25-15

  1. BB Chung King is one of the most under-rated Blues rock guitarist in the business! I don't know what happened but his inital well deserved success with the The early Buddaheads went up like a puff of smoke in the air! His guitar prowess can match most any of the very best current "Blues Rock" guitarist in the business! I don't know if he's reached a point where he's not into playing and gigging all over which is required to keep yourself popular and in the mix in the music industry! Anyway I just wanted to throw my feelings into the mix for this incredibly talented guitarist and musician! 

    Mac Baker

  2. Alan is a fine guitar player and has inspired many. I am one of them that he made a big impression with.  Great to hear you play again Alan…. Don Auten,

  3. Very sad to just now find out that Alan passed away from a heart attack recently! Another amazing blues guitarist has been called home to play in the "House Blues Band" in heaven! R.I.P. and carry on Alan Mirikitani!

  4. It seems that you can't read a comment section without finding that the Artist has died recently . It seems to really be happening a lot with Great Blues Guitarists . Man i hate this . Another tragic loss for the Blues Community and their family . R.I.P BB . You'll be missed Greatly .

  5. I've been a huge fan of BB's since I heard him play in the movie "My Cousin Vinny". It was only 3 sec.s of music in one scene, but it was such a funky groove that I knew instantly this guy was something special. I told myself that I had to find out who that was before the end of the day and researched online until I did. I ended up downloading about 20 Buddaheads tracks that day and I have just about everything the band has put out since, but ironically I have never been able to find that original track from the movie anywhere. I have not stopped listening to this music since. In fact, I was downloading their newest release when I stumbled upon the news that Alan had passed. I will miss him tremendously and count myself very lucky to have discovered his music so many years ago. Feels a little like the day Stevie died. 🙁

  6. Why o why do people go to a concert, get drunk and try to out yell the performers? I didn't pay for the ticket 6 months ago and drive 300 miles to hear about your miserable sex life since your wife left you. STFU Probably why the wife left.

  7. Wow.. I came to this video by accident. Sorry that I have not heard of him before (but then again, I am not from the US).. This is the first time I have heard him.. and he is Great!! Where can I get more of his music?

  8. saw him play a lot of times I was never disappointed he was a very talented musician his group was amazing always tight spot on !!!!!!!!!!!!

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