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16 thoughts on “Benjamin Disraeli

  1. Gladstone was a more honorable man, but Disraeli was the better national leader. Disraeli created the Suez Canal and lorded over the Congress of Berlin. Disraeli was a realist whereas Gladstone was an idealist – realism is usually the better policy in political affairs.

  2. I doubt disraeli and Gladstone could have worked together at all. Disraeli was hardly sympatico with Gladstones policies and ideals, I think Palmerston and Disraeli would have been a better duo

  3. You are OBSESSED with Benjamin?! You and me both! He's wonderful, and certainly a better PM than Gladstone. He was also in favour of women's votes, sympathetic to the chartist movement, passed an Act to clean up Father Thames, was an excellent novelist, I could go on… Benjamin, I salute you, they don't make Prime Ministers like you any more.

  4. @WilbertGyllenhal Actually Victoria constantly attempted to influence policy, as her own diaries and letters show. We have no idea what goes on when the current monarch meets her ministers, but we have a pretty good idea that Victoria did not spare her ministers her opinions.

  5. Ben Disraeli was a tufthunter of biblical proportions, but if you wanted to get anywhere in politics in those days you absolutely needed a peerage of some description. However prior to his elevation he had always seen himself as of that social cut anyway. When he was raised to the peerage it only confirmed this opinion. Which in turn makes it all the more surprising that he refused a Dukedom when offered.

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