Overnight evacuations have begin for many areas in Ventura county as the #ThomasFire has taken the life of 1 person so far due …



  1. Goodday my friend. Just wanted to say thank you again for all your reports. Your good work is appreciated for all of us! Have a great day & God bless you greatly. Keep on shining!

  2. Merry Christmas Brian! Send some of that snowy weather from Buffalo to So Cal! LOL! Believe it or not that is moving slower than the cedar fire in 2003 in San Diego! And less than four hours the cedar fire went from 2000 acres to 70,000 acres in about an hour to an hour and a half! Then by dawn that morning was 100,000 acres! Also, FYI, 1 football field = 1 acre.

  3. We had thunder here last night in south Ontario. Today is cooler, but not cold enough for snow. I'm not far from Buffalo…rain or snow and amount like your talking will be bad

  4. Good afternoon brian it's gonna get cool down here in north florida this weekend well I can't complain it's been rough this year for hurricanes and wildfire and earthquake california is getting another fire warning again I am praying for them I hope it does not happen if it does I feel sorry for them anyways I hope u have a wonderful day.

  5. I grew up at the mouth of the Niagara River across from Buffalo. We were used to lots of snow whipping up the lake. Ice
    caves were common years back all along the north shore of Erie. Maybe we are in for one of those winters! Cheers and get out the shovel 🙂

  6. Lake effect snow sounds like fun. If I was 50 years younger. But fire is very scarey. I have a bug out bag for that. I would be ready to leave within 5 minutes. Animals and all.

  7. Ah, lake effect snow… I remember that from when I was a child living in upstate NY. My mom opened our front door and there was a wall of snow with the imprint of the door on it. Another time, our hill was frozen over with ice. Mom thought we'd love sliding down it… our sleds flew! And… we couldn't get back up the hill. LOL! Mom tied all Dad's ties and belts together and pulled us up the hill. Fun times… I live down South now….. 🙂

  8. Hey, did you hear about the earthquake that happened in Delaware last week? I live in South NJ and I felt it was kinda surprised that you didn't make a video on it haha. Anyway keep up the great work!

  9. The costs of these fires is going to trickle up so much that it will choke any surplus in the calm that is before the storm of the Tax Cut…
    wow…i just read what I typed and thought it was epic…away from me demon of self-aggrandizement!

    Keep at it bro

  10. PLEASE do a video on the snow expected in the north east on saturday. and please do an update on the fires there are more of them. And do a video on Storm Caroline please.
    (If u dont do storm caroline its ok)

  11. im gonna look at weather around the world ill tell you what it is
    1. some rain and snow in southern US
    2. some rain and snow in europe
    3. some rain and snow in near alaska
    4. wildfires in western US
    tell me if i missed anything

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