Bring out the Gimp – Ace Ventura

(Pet Detective, When Nature Calls) Song by Pulp Fiction.


20 thoughts on “Bring out the Gimp – Ace Ventura

  1. I miss the wacky insane movies like this. People are so jaded, some of the funniest stuff is childish and wacky. This movie will always be one of the best comedy's ever created. "this is a lovely room of death"

  2. @chrono4203
    Haha, yeah man. Ace Ventura is awesome. xD

    The Mask was pretty decent too but Ace is far superior IMO, easily one of his funniest characters.

  3. @strogglette999 Rubbish? RUBBISH?! IT WAS LESS THAN RUBBISH!

    It did'nt even deserve to kiss my shoes after I stepped in some dogshit outside the pub I walked out of after I THREW UP ON THEM!!! D:<

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