Caitlin Crosby @The Ventura County Fair opening 4 David Cook

Caitlin Crosby having fun @ the Ventura County Fair with friends..Opening 4 American Idols David Cook.


17 thoughts on “Caitlin Crosby @The Ventura County Fair opening 4 David Cook

  1. Oh Gosh! Sorry for leaving so many darn comments! But I found the name of the song! Yay! It's Don't Play Me Hollow! Great! 🙂 I'm buying IT, the whole CD is Great btw just heard it!

  2. Was there for your performance that night… You did a great job! It was a little cold that night though… but if you stayed for David Cook's performance afterwards and ran into the mash pit it was like being in a sauna… but people were willing to kill to get that picture of David Cook… !

  3. Oh my gosh!!! I went to this and you asked the audience if we knew some kind of dance I don't remember what and me and my friends stood up and scremed… We didn't know the dance and you said yeeaaah to us! 😉

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