California wildfires some of the worst ever in Ventura County

California congressional candidate Anthony Sabato Jr. discusses the wildfires that are currently burning across Ventura County …


32 thoughts on “California wildfires some of the worst ever in Ventura County

  1. Let Ca. burn. They are the most corrupt politicians in America. No money should be given to them due to their stance on sanctuary citys. Moonbeam Brown has stolen funds of the people and should be investigated along with ALL the Ca. Politicians for TREASON.

  2. Trump supporters are showing their true colors. Publicly stating that they want their fellow Americans to burn to death. Republicans are fake patriots.

  3. There's house fires all across this country and they don't burn the whole neighborhood down every single time,and they don't burn the houses down to the foundations.

  4. why the fuck are you people on about our politicians? ventura is like an obscure out of the way industrial type city with working class people… you people are fucking crackheads

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    your future come with Jesus Christ because I'm black I'm here you going to make yourself white again Trump now you hear the sound of my trumpet
    then why did you quit going to the Border hang me up at the border

    I will show you different signs and I'm bringing you one to 3104

  7. Conservatives are not the spiteful, vindictive, hate-filled and often violent lot that makes up a large portion of the democratic base, especially in CA. It should be noted that in the news today President Trump declared CA a disaster area and offered federal aid in reply to a request from Gov. Moonbeam Brown, a self-declared enemy.

  8. Bec we don't have sprinklers for any rise in temp. Not even us can extinguish it . It's nature bit we have to be prepared. Up to now, we're not familiar with bushfire. It takes whole country to assist with that

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