Chopper Fest 2018 Huge Fun Motorcycle event in LA

Actor Tio Struckmann takes us through all the cool bikes at the 2018 Chopper Fest in Ventura California. Amazing builds and cool …


20 thoughts on “Chopper Fest 2018 Huge Fun Motorcycle event in LA

  1. Pal you are a total Jerk we got more freedom in Europe than you can only dream about ,but you keep talking about freedom you might get it back someday you dick

  2. I'm not from Europe. I'm Australian but man you gotta go to a Euro bike show. The best I've been to bar the biggest you do in the states like Sturgis and Daytona.
    I'm currently wearing a "Mr moore" Harley Davidson hoody from Finland. That guy has a couple of the most outlandish choppers I've seen in his show room that he's built. Finland dude. Best bike shows I've been to were in Germany and Denmark.

  3. Hey man thank you for this video and commentary, I have not had a harley in over 20 years, I am a life long lowrider hot rodder biker, My biggest pet peeve with harley now,( beside's the barcalounger micro waive oven, and big screen tv? are the plastic looking head's that i have seen on HD;s for years.. I can see those ugly head's from a mile away . to me sporty motors and the head's look better than those plastic looking things, Im to old to be back on a RIGID ,but I will always love the look with a wide glide.. I have many chevys that i must have before its over,, but of course i toy with the idea of showing my biker inner self again some day. the biggest thorn in my side about modern HD;s is the absence of kick starter's .. I can take the plastic looking heads , but I can not accept mandatory push button starting alll all time's
    half the cool of a chopper ? is jumping down on that beast, and feel the roar of her passion. please take a look at my video, its very similar to what I use to have a long time ago its also from the same box is 3623 of your video.

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