CHP captures fleeing Prius in Woodland Hills

The California Highway pursued an alleged thief from Ventura County to Woodland Hills Friday afternoon, eventually bringing the …


26 thoughts on “CHP captures fleeing Prius in Woodland Hills

  1. This is why we need to have stronger border for California. If you haven't noticed and if you follow police car chases it's always mostly people of color that create all this BS! You need to have stronger borders and stronger immigration policies to be in the US. People have to start thinking with their brains and not with hearts . This is why every city in Southern California looks like downtown Tijuana. With all these food vendors etc. Tired of looking at every street corner with all these bozos all over the place. This country and this state doesn't have stronger policies were in a whole world of hurt. We've all seen all that retail theft go up around the country right? I rest my case.

  2. These News reporters are Amateurs…… Catalytic Converter thieves usually work at least in pairs, one as Lookout/Driver the Other goes underbody of the car to cut it out

  3. These catalytic converter thieves have become so very common as has smash and grab robbery's all because the punishment penalties are so light. The way to change all that would be to make those crimes count as 3 strikes, thus making the punishment penalties a mandatory 25 to life. That'll certainly eliminate those crimes immediately.

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