Despite Being Named Most Desirable Place To Live Nationwide, Ventura County Has Dubious Distinction

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has named Ventura County the most desirable place to live in America. Jeff Nguyen reports.


29 thoughts on “Despite Being Named Most Desirable Place To Live Nationwide, Ventura County Has Dubious Distinction

  1. I am seeking public support from all citizens of Ventura County to bring a government tort liability case seeking the maximum allowable fines for punitive damages by way of Ventura County. Officials to be listed will be electorates of the county DA Totten, Sheriff Dean, Judicial officer R. Wright et. al., City Clerk/Recorder as well as many others. Other appointed officials will be named in due time namely but not limited to Chief of Police, VPD Curtis.

    Please keep in mind that we will not be taking on the county itself but rather the individual(s) as they possess sovereign immunities.

    In my attempt to demand transparency and accountability from Ventura County, any and all monitory purse will be distributed to the citizens of Ventura County that have been directly affected by the vast injustices and corruption practices by our elected officials.

    Want to sue for unlimited monitory compensation caused by incompetent Judges, District Attorney's, Law Enforcement and anyone directly involved in your case…?

    If you are a victim of judicial prejudices and want justice, you can not depend on the system to help, however there is hope.

    You are eligible to file a complaint to seek justice. Under current California Constitutional amendments, there are provisions, among others, under 42 USC section 1983 providing one with avenues to pursue.

    Any persons acting under the color of state law who violates and deprives any person of their federal rights and privileges can be subjected to a law suit. Due to sovereign immunities however, Government can not be sued, but any official person(s) acting on behalf of the government and within the color of the law can….its called a Government Liability Tort.

    By severely strengthening our position, we can unveil county corruption through forensic accounting proving federal fraud thus allowing us to include this daunting tool in our complaint for justice.

    Vote for me in upcoming elections to see that corrupt self serving practices be stopped.

  2. Growing up and living in Ventura got really fucking old. It's not that nice. It's really not. It's getting dirtier, poorer, and overall shittier. There's a massive drug problem, poverty problem, etc. Glad I moved to Arizona.

  3. Like anyplace in Southern California is safe from earthquakes/fire/crime/overcrowding.
    I grew up in Ventura and enjoy visiting family as a tourist a couple times of year now. The only downside is the "Homeless" population in and around Ventura. The best place to stay is a place called "Inn On the Beach". It is right on the beach and each room has a fireplace. The only place I know where you can watch/hear the ocean and have a fire at the same time.

  4. Bunch of "If this happens then…" Zip line gone at the park and now they charge to park there due to Covid. Way too expensive to live here. Moment I can move to some place cheaper and more free I will. Weather is nice most of the time, but not if you have no freedom or money to do anything

  5. Tsunami…what can we really do? Nothing. So stop listening to these news reports and enjoy life because we can't do anything about a natural disaster. Ventura is nice, but its too expensive now. It's turning into Santa Barbara full of rich snobs especially by the shoreline. I love it here it's my home but changes are coming.

  6. You'd think that the property values would go down because of all of these catastrophic conditions, but Ventura's prices for rent and mortgages are extremely high. They want $1600 and up, for an unfurnished studio apartment. The old time locals can't even afford to retire there.

  7. it is desirable and yet housing is grossly over priced as well as Oxnard and Camarillo. i cant make on $17.00 an hour unless i start van dwelling, which will be a reality for me pretty soon.

  8. Used to live in Oxnard years ago. Carp also. Prices are literally insane.
    Beachfront places along the 101, as they get taken out by winter storms are abandoned/cleaned up by law.
    I also think about the mudslide in La Conchita.

  9. I think what is more dangerous is the mentally Ill wandering around the streets. Ventura has a huge homeless population, and the city seems fine with it. There are a lot of Mentally ill and a lot of felons that live in the river bottoms. There are campers and RV's all over the place. Guess were all the crime happens in the beach community they show in this video. Crimes of opportunity as a representative from Ventura PD told me. Crimes of opportunity makes it sound like its ok for criminals to steal everything. And now Ventura is just full of people from Los Angeles areas. So it is not even like it used to be say 10 to 15 years ago.

  10. Evil evil Ventura county government you have children you better stay away or move away CPS will get your kids and torture you it's a fact they will destroy your life I got proof evil evil mother f**** burn evil

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