Frank Ticheli – Vesuvius / Ventura County Honor Band 2011

The 2011 Ventura County Honor Band plays Frank Ticheli’s Vesuvius under the direction of guest conductor Sharon Lavery, the …


12 thoughts on “Frank Ticheli – Vesuvius / Ventura County Honor Band 2011

  1. This was by far our best piece in our repertoire. 🙂 Ms. Lavery was so great to work with! Not to mention Ticheli's an amazing composer. Really good year this year. 🙂

    I was 2nd Chair Baritone Saxophone.

  2. I am still in 8th grade but in 2014 the highschool band will be playing this for top state school bands, and my director said that we will be freshman next year so yeah I have to play this…yay it scares me a little

  3. A little criticism to work on. I see that your band has a few problems with seniority a few times throughout the piece, definitely something to work on to get that richer tone throughout the ensemble. Another thing is the dynamics, I know the music and a few of the parts could be louder and some could be brought down a dynamic. Then there are a few individual errors to work on, but those come with practice and time.

    All in all, great performance, a solid effort put on from your band. fix those problems and you will sound much better. Hope it helps.

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