Gardens of Ventura County The Art City Stone Gardens with Paul Lindhard

please click the gray gear icon & select 360p for best quality viewing) – Join volunteer gardeners & local artists as they explain the …


1 thought on “Gardens of Ventura County The Art City Stone Gardens with Paul Lindhard

  1. This is a wonderful video and is the longer version of the other video where just Paul is interviewed, which is included on the second half of this one. It is great to see that green gardens are now a part of Art City and combined with the stone.
    I moved to Colorado about 4 years ago, but carved stone at Art City for 10 years.
    This is a wonderful place if you like stone and stone sculpture gardens.
    Paul mentioned briefly that he also makes fountains. Fountains are a big part of what Paul and Russel make, and they sell a lot of them. They drill a hole through the middle of any type of stone, sometimes over 10 feet tall, so that the water can then flow down from the top, wetting the rock and showing it's natural beauty.
    Art City is a great place to visit, and a wonderful place for landscapers and architects to purchase stone for projects. 
    There is of course raw natural stone, but there is a great deal of sculpture, in all styles from modern and abstract to traditional and portraits, including flowers, animals or anything you might want to have made.
    So please visit this wonderful and unique art center, started by Paul Lindhard about 30 years ago!
    Gordon (

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