'Glee' star Naya Rivera’s family settles wrongful death lawsuit against Ventura County

“Glee” star Naya Rivera’s family reached a settlement in their wrongful death lawsuit filed against various departments in …


7 thoughts on “'Glee' star Naya Rivera’s family settles wrongful death lawsuit against Ventura County

  1. This is why taxes are so high in CA. I feel sorry for Naya’s family but common sense and reason was not there on that fateful day. CA political and judicial leaders are too star struck .

  2. i would not settle anything with her family. how are they negligent? the mother was negligent. she was given life vests and told to wear them and she didn't. she went out on a boat alone with an very small child – wth was she thinking? when you make bad decisions, bad things happen. everybody thinks they deserve a payday when accidents happen – an accident she could have avoided!

  3. That’s ridiculous she took her AND her son out there all on her own. She sign the papers and rented the boat all on her own. She drove her self and her son to that lake to the boat docks on her own. There is no such things as life guards out on the lake in there own boat just weighting for this to happen she got in that water with her son with out a life jacket. She went to a secluded area to swim with her son alone. the parking lot was just about empty so she knew they would all but be alone out there on the water. Even if she had went to the the ocean beach side to swim the coast guard would not have been posted up out there just because her and her son were there that’s not how life works the county is not responsible nor are the tax payers of that county and state are not responsible for her actions just because she was famous. I guarantee you there were life jackets on that boat that she alone chose not to put on. The family is lucky that her son is still alive but we the tax payers are not responsible for her bad action’s and unfortunately her Death.

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