Grateful Dead 7-13-85 Ventura County Fairgrounds Ventura CA

Setlist: Set 1 One More Saturday Night Fire On The Mountain Walkin’ Blues Dupree’s Diamond Blues Mama Tried Big River Bird …


29 thoughts on “Grateful Dead 7-13-85 Ventura County Fairgrounds Ventura CA

  1. I remember having a lot of fun at the China Garden restaurant with a room full of Deadheads getting rowdy to the house band. I remember a lady (Alison?) walking around the show and needing a reminder to pull up her top.
    I remember dancing with the Hell's Angels and after the show, they started their bikes up backstage and it sounded like thunder. I remember a lady dancing in the surf. So glad I was there.

  2. This is my very first show. Went with my brother and was blown away by the scene. We were right on the beach in the band sounded amazing. Went on for the next 10 years seeing them wherever I could. Eventually move to the Bay Area just so I could see them and I have to travel. The new incarnations are OK, but nothing lives up to the time Jerry was but leader of the band.

  3. Had backstage passes for both '85 Ventura shows and can verify this per Live Aid questions: There were 2-3 TV monitors set up at convenient hubs in the grassy flat area w/picnic tables behind stage, and possibly 1 onstage too, all tuned to the ongoing LiveAid simulcast. Flashback to this trippy moment while the Dead jammed: I wandered behind the stage and paused to watch one of the monitors, and it appeared as if the Live Aid act was singing a Dead song. No way I can remember either the Live Aid act or the Dead song, but for sure recall the odd sensory juxtaposition. (One of many that weekend.) Among West Coast Deadheads defining the 1980s 'Decade of Decadence" era, Ventura County Fairgrounds was a standout legacy venue guaranteed to leave you and your vehicle coated with awesome memories and lotsa dusty dirt. — "Ridin' like a surfer, ridin' on a tidal wave …"

  4. Scorching OMSN! I was so fing crushed the following year getting the phone call from my mom that Jer was in coma, had the whole summer tour tickets in hand starting with this one, Pitt seats for Missouri too . Amazing they played on the beach never made it

  5. Ok , about the red shirt. Jerry got busted in golden gate park in January 85, and the spring tour came and we were super excited about this change from black T-shirt to red. Then the 3/24/85 Springfield show with Bertha opener, that sick "arrest me…JAILHOUSE" rumble , well you just have to hear it, but like so many examples of the songs taking on new/different meanings. Another interesting one was seeing Eyes in Paris and literally staying in a strangers home in Paris . I have always been super partial to 1985, I think it's their best year. The red shirt was just the beginning of this amazing year. They unveiled the "20 years so far" banner in the summer, and they had some sick breakouts, most notably the cryptical. The shows were amazing, the 2 merriweather, and now legendary Hershey park show in the rain. I was prolly the only one of my friends who made it to the Pittsburgh show to end that piece of the run, this Ventura was the next show

  6. I too was there. Lived in Ventura back then. At one show I remember a train went by right behind the stage, but I couldn't hear it cause the Dead was throwin down the gauntlet.

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