Grateful Dead 7-14-85 Ventura County Fairgrounds

Looks Like Rain Might As Well Steve Parish Interview.


43 thoughts on “Grateful Dead 7-14-85 Ventura County Fairgrounds

  1. I have to bust out my old ticket stubs to remember which day I went to here…. I'm thinkin' it was Sat… but it may have been Sun…
    either way… one of my first shows, we eventually worked our way up front for a while( yes, I was one of those.. only for this show though :- ) all I remember is that I was totally blown away by the whole scene… I think I still have a 'music never stopped' tie dye from that show in the closet somewhere…many silk screens, lol…. great memories

  2. I was there smashed up front against the stage… Phil had bass problems both days… he was pissed at one point. Nothing worse than static in your bass amp.

  3. Does anyone remember the Hendrix cover band in campground area from these shows? Time flowed like liquid then. Now I’m so old daytime dead would be my only option cause I need to sleep by 10. Thanks for the memories especially in this covid19 time of such uncertainty

  4. Hey now I was at these two shows did a drop of liquid on the way into the show Saturday they opened up with One Mo Saturday Night into Fire on the Mountain you can’t get any better than that to start a show we camped in the parking lot and and partied hard all weekend Ventura was a great venue to see the boys we called it the Dust Bowl! After the show they showed movies in the lot like REEFER MADNESSES and Mickey Mouse and all for the cost of a ticket for like $20 oh boy the good ole days Peace from Hawaii ☮️

  5. Thanks for the video. I know I attended this show, as it was the day after Live Aid, but I can't claim to recall much! I do know we had a good time, but this wonderful recording helps me confirm that! Jerry does look like he's hurting, but his playing sparkles as ever, especially, of course, in the excellent LLR!

  6. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this was stock news footage done by the local station when the Dead didnt play at Live Aid. I remember the news story, but it might’ve been the day before. Anyway, this was OUR Live Aid !! Great to see big Steve too. For a second I thought he was gonna do a Garcia Rig Rundown. That’d had been grate!

  7. I was at Ventura ‘84 and ‘85. Man those were such perfect weekends. The campground was so chill. All night long, early morning wake and bake, walking on the railroad tracks with friends and strangers…the fire on the mountain across the 101 freeway during Fire on the Mountain…. I drive past Ventura fairgrounds at least 25 times a year on the 101 and I always smile….some of my finest memories.

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