Homeless man creates mini mansion alongside Pacoima freeway

A Pacoima homeless encampment has turned into an art piece, a mini mansion for some. FOX 11’s Chelsea Edwards gives us a …


36 thoughts on “Homeless man creates mini mansion alongside Pacoima freeway

  1. Shelters sound nice to the outside person but to someone who’s homeless they are very bad in almost all ways. There’s so much homeless and not enough space to shelter them all comfortably. You’re either in extremely packed rooms or you sleep in basically a gymnasium with beds. On top of that there’s a lot of unpredictable and sometimes violent people there where drugs and mental illness are commonplace.

    I didn’t like how the news guy insinuated how he should just “find shelter” like it was a simple fix.

  2. I'm from salina ks. In district of Columbia . I need help. I've been human trafficked. Stephanie Mae Hewitt and Krystal Hewitt are stealing my identity again. I'm homeless in dc. Trying to get back to Salina. People see right through me. I'm Linda Hurt- beaver. They say I don't have itp. BLM is picking on me. I'm blond blue eyed pale skin. 5'4 120 pounds. They don't help in dc. It's almost like district of Columbia has been taken over from BLM and urkranins. We need national guard here Biden is not the one in office please help district of Columbia. This is serious and true. Be a hero please. Hear them talk. People are calling out for help in the background isis is here also in the ministry in va and md

  3. People will pass by them and laugh at these people not knowing their capabilities and some of them are really talented and probably have way more brains than the person laughing at them. They deserve respect just like everyone else

  4. Leave this man alone! He is content. Whenever government gets involved they fuck things up. They will destroy what he has built and send him to a dangerous homeless shelter.

  5. Has anyone realized he has stolen people under or in that place. I can hear them. And he is an illegal immigrant. I'm missing family members. Yet will y'all help. Well probably not. I have called ice on this it's all the way to WA DC. I'm surprised you can't hear them I can.

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