I think I almost broken ankle running to the truck for a fire


36 thoughts on “I think I almost broken ankle running to the truck for a fire

  1. My work had an ems call one day and the ambulance came screaming in and the firetruck showed up like 16 minutes later but a week after that someone set fire to one of our bathrooms and we had three fully loaded fire engines hauling ass on property geared up and assaulting the bathroom like they're were on a crusade.

  2. Well ems deals with everything fire does and then has to deal with the aftermath of the patient….so they're alittle more used to it and or burnt out. Police fire and ems all have to see the dead bodies or dismembered limbs and the crying screaming patients and families. EMS does all of that THEN they have to treat the patient and deal with family en route to the er THEN have to deal with the hospital staff and asshole nurses and doctors THEN have to write an extremely detailed PCR to not get sued in ten years. So yeah were a little more chilled with calls and can ask what's for lunch while looking at a dead body that just released its bowels

  3. Lmfao who could blame thw firemen for responding like this. They never know what the hell they could be pulling up too and not to mention unlike ems they have to slip on their fire fighter gear before they can even start heading to the call so they gotta be rushing like a mofo to get to the call in a reasonable amount of time.

  4. I live next to a pretty big fire station, and you can always tell when they roll out with the truck with the ladder lol. They make sure everyone knows.

  5. honestly, I would prefer the fire call, it’s hectic but in a fun/hilarious way, and I don’t know I guess I like an oportunity to just screAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

  6. I come back to this video when people need to see the difference when it's slow or there's a rush at my job.
    I've been there so long I no longer hear the screams.

  7. I live a mile from a fire station. At the end of my block is a retirement home, so fire trucks are driving by several times a month. It's at the point that any time I see the lights (they don't bother with the sirens anymore, it just annoys the neighborhood) I think "someone just kicked the bucket." When I had to call 911 to report a vehicle fire at my neighbor's house across the street, I imagine this was their reaction.

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