Ice Cube Has "No Emotions" For Jerry Heller’s Death

Jerry Heller’s family says he would have wanted the surviving members of N.W.A at his funeral, but they probably shouldn’t expect …


20 thoughts on “Ice Cube Has "No Emotions" For Jerry Heller’s Death

  1. I used to buy his music till I found out how ungreatful he is in real life he should of stayed poor to see how he would of done it without Eazys dope money

  2. Despite what Jerry did there's still some positive to be taken it's because of Jerry aswell they got their name out there and got to know the cold side of the industry early before they reaped any rewards.

  3. No disrespect to Jerry, But if I was cube I would probably feel the same thing. Someone who tried cheating me and using my hard work for money is not someone who I can easily forgive let alone feeling bad for him.

  4. The pro-Jerry comments seem to be under the impression hat beacause he gave NWA the opportunity to become as big as they became, then he had the right to give them unfair contracts, and in Cube's case, ask him to sign it without legal representation.

  5. Jerry is not the first nor the last manager to screw their clients out of money. Nobody bashes Pebbles at LaFace Records for how she cheated TLC out of millions. Nobody bashes Beyonce's dad for how his daughter was driving Bentleys while the other members of Destiny's Child were riding taxis and struggling to pay their cell phone bills. And nobody bashes Suge Knight for how HE did Eazy & Dre. But I get it. It's ok to be screwed by your own people. You just can't let a Jewish white guy screw you. Yeah, makes sense. Niggaology 101. Despite what you think about Jerry, HE put NWA on the map. He put COMPTON on the map. Suge didn't make Dre a star. He simply bullied Eazy into handing Dre to him.

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