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29 thoughts on “It's time to leave earth.

  1. U.S people refused to use face mask in the midst of a global pandemic and yall think they will stop eating meat to save the planet? lmao The planet is doomed, so enjoy it while yall can.

  2. Interesting. Someone wants to recreate The Office with a female manager who's an ass to her employees.
    So many things go over people's heads when they focus on representation.

  3. Wow, that's bad news about 'The Office' reboot, with Michael Scott's role now being played by a woman.

    The good news is, Steve Carrell has come out as transgender, so he will actually be reprising his role, he will now play Michaela Scott!

  4. Your videos are lazy and not exactly representative of the state of the world. You're repeating slides, even. If you're going to try to be a funny propoganda machine, at least pretend like you're trying and not like you failed highschool.

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