Jesse "The Body" Ventura vs Ivan Putski

Jesse “The Body” and Vince McMahon comment on Ventura’s match against Ivan Putski in 1984.


23 thoughts on “Jesse "The Body" Ventura vs Ivan Putski

  1. As much as I love Jesse "The Body" Ventura, I do not consider him the funniest at all. He was serious, and he was awesome how he could smackdown Vince. His eye was great during a match and he would bring up so many things the faces did to justify the heels actions. He, more than ANYONE made Pro-Wrestling seem more like a sport and less like a soap opera.
    Jesse Ventura was by far the best heel commentator ever, but for my money, Bobby "The Brain" Heenan was the funniest commentator ever.

  2. I have worked for years to pronounce  " Ivan Padooski" the right way  and damn, the phrase Jack McMahon is a staple when am with my brothers… it was a great time for wrestling
    still looking for vid of "the posedown" with tony atlas…

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