Kansas – Dust in the Wind (Official Video)

Official music video for “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas Listen to Kansas: https://Kansas.lnk.to/listenYD Watch more videos by …


32 thoughts on “Kansas – Dust in the Wind (Official Video)

  1. I'm trying to find this other song and it sounds really similar to the intro of this song. Does anybody know which one I'm talking about?

  2. One of the hardest rappers.
    Kansas go in sooo hard on this right here, straight up BANGAA! Even though he just be using that AUTHENTICVIEWS dawwt cawm to get mad exposure on his socialize like other artists be doin too..Thumbs up who agree with me.

  3. So when it's a rainy day at Grant road lumber where I used to work many years ago Frank and I were sitting in the truck waiting for the rain to clear in the same song come on then we both was singing that to the top of my lungs his name was Frank Costello Hazel klamm Benjamin Franklin used to call me Billy anyway the things we remember all we are is dust in the wind

  4. Es lo que somos, polvo en el viento. El ego, es una venda que tapa nuestros ojos de la belleza y muchas personas pasan por la vida sin ni siquiera poder admirarla.
    Gracias Kansas. Salud y amor.

  5. I remember when this song came out in the 70's. I was living with my parents and siblings. We would sit in the living room on a weekend and talk to each other. The radio would be on. I remember hearing this song and it touched me to the core. I thought about how much I loved my parents and siblings and I thought about God. I knew that every time I heard this song, I would remember that moment in time…and I do.

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