LA Food Guide – 15 Must Hit Places to Eat in Los Angeles

I travel the world on my stomach…and LaLaLand has some of the best offerings of any city in the states. So come with me as I …


40 thoughts on “LA Food Guide – 15 Must Hit Places to Eat in Los Angeles

  1. I did not expect to watch a great video of food that would make me hungry , I’m taking my wife to L.A and is her first time . Im definitely taking this video into consideration thanks a lot cheers mate

  2. You are so brilliant in how you explain and detail these dishes! I can’t help but like and subscribe. Also on vice there is a place called La Numero Uno, an El Salvadorian place. You would really like it!

  3. Why do people compare Mexican food places to Taco Bell? This is the second video I've seen… Taco Bell is not comparable- it's barely even real food. How could you go to a nice restaurant and say "this is better than McDonald's!"

  4. LOL, every large city has unbearable traffic. NYC, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco.

    Trendy hipster sushi but no Little Tokyo? pfffht
    The spicy miso ramen at Daikokuya is the best. Also, the tonkatsu, karaage, and salmon poke bowl.

  5. I fucking hate living in LA. Food here is garbage and all the restaurants are dirty. There’s always a random crackhead or thug that walks in and screams incoherently at people

  6. This guy tried enchiladas I wonder if he’s going ever tried enmoladas it’s enchiladas but with the mole negro sauce instead it is so good add Oaxaca cheese on top and a cold corona or ur favorite wine ur date will love it

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