Live PD: Begging to Be Arrested (Season 2) | A&E

Attending to a 911 caller that hung up, officers find a young man engaging in bizarre behavior at a gas station, while asking to be …


29 thoughts on “Live PD: Begging to Be Arrested (Season 2) | A&E

  1. He’s getting that straight from the Afro American flight book on how to get arrested and then cry that your silver rights are being violated because you’re African-American that way he can get free money looks like these officers were ahead of him on the game.

  2. This is police targeting,notice how cops positioned themselves knowing full well what them chips can't do without… Outrageous targeting..

  3. Very frequently, long-time offenders can't handle being out in the real world. That's clearly the case with this man. He knows the cops frequent that gas station, he's putting his antics on FB Live, he kept asking to go back to jail, and I know for a fact that hot cheetos and soy sauce is a lockup delicacy. I actually feel bad for him.

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