madTV’s version of “To Catch A Predator” Season 13 Episode 5.


38 thoughts on “madTV – To Catch A Predator

  1. im not a racist. this man got an oscar for the first movie he ever did. lupitan nyongo, won a oscor for the first major role she was ever in.. but it took Al pacino decades for him to get his…. black lives really do matter… maybe a little too much at this point? it seems anyone with colour can just win anything they want.

  2. ahah dude it is science girls at 14 are ready their psychology is very subjective you can behave yourself as a stupid kid even at 20 but biology is objective) biology is a fact and facts don't care about your feelings and yes there are many countries where age of consent is 14 and lower and in most countries age of consent is 16 and you can't do anything with it crybaby)))

  3. As disgusting as the people were in real life that got caught for this, I have to say, if you are gonna go down for this, you may as well do what this guy did (unknowingly) and not give Chris the satisfaction by just leaning into your crime. Being sorry about it isn't going to salvage your reputation whenever he goes through the process of reading your Instant Messages and E-Mails sent to the bait and shares it all over TV (and internet more importantly). The best play is to just spend the whole time f***ing with Chris (no pun intended), ruin the segment, and keep him off his high horse, since, as this parody implies, he really does seem to be the type that gets a Superiority High from catching predators… as it were.

  4. This is your only upload? Ill admit it madtv was funny asf back in the day, But I probably wouldnt be the first person who thinks the person running this youtube channel is likely someone who would end up on "to catch a predator"…

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