Excerpt from the historical monologue “400 Years of English History” presented by artist/historian George S. Stuart as part of an …


2 thoughts on “Maria Fitzherbert

  1. George IV and Fitzherbert had a son after the consummation of their secret marriage. Although married this son was declared a bastard…the true linage was corrupted once again. However, the Brighton Pavillion was constructed as a testament of the Prince's love of Fitzherbert, even though their marriage was declared morgaetic. " Morganatic marriage, legally valid marriage between a male member of a sovereign, princely, or noble house and a woman of lesser birth or rank, with the provision that she shall not thereby accede to his rank and that the children of the marriage shall not succeed to their father's hereditary dignities…".

    This information was passed down through my 'connected' family. Heyho

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