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A video by Christopher and Daniela Ameruoso. Glee star Mark Salling supports his favorite rescue group Wildlife Care of Ventura …


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  1. Mark Salling was a volunteer and friend with Wildlife Care of Southern California for over 10 years and with his passing we are deeply saddened that he was in a place where he felt no one could help.
    We are grateful for having known and worked with Mark as he had a gentle soul and a love and passion for nature and especially for birds, ravens and crows in particular. He had volunteered in a wild animal rehabilitation clinic in his home state of Texas before coming to California in pursuit of a musical career. He had been a volunteer and a part of this team before he landed the role on Glee and he fell in love with the altruistic completely selfless process of being able to take a wild animal that would otherwise die, rehabilitate him and release him back into the wild. He became so involved that he built an aviary on his property in Sunland so that he could release the birds on site.
    Mark was also a financial supporter and spokes person for Wildlife, using his fame doing photo shoots specifically for Wildlife and donating the proceeds to the animals.
    “Those of us here at Wildlife Care of Southern California will miss him and we believe and truly hope that in time the light he leaves behind will out shadow the dark and is not forgotten. He will fondly be remembered here as a compassionate, sensitive guy and an advocate of wildlife .”
    This is video is being replayed in memory of our friend.
    RIP Mark.
    Anna Reams and all of us at WCSC

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