Myrtle Joins the Ventura County Recumbent Riders

Sponsorship from: Laidback Cycles: I had a fantastic time cycling with recumbent and trike riders in …


7 thoughts on “Myrtle Joins the Ventura County Recumbent Riders

  1. Thanks for letting me share those beautiful scenes while I'm stuck here in gray, bleak Indiana!!! It was 65 here today, but 35 for a high coming up again soon. Yuck. Safe travels to you always Sylvia.

  2. Life is good! A wonderful ride with so many good friends. Glad you are well and triking along. How is the new e-assist working for you? Keep posting…. your videos are great….the views along the water were awesome!

  3. Looks like you had a great time. Love the ocean views. You should make a list/book of all the Trails you visit in the States ( it could be a best seller … )

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