Oxnard Police Department Lip Sync Challenge (Ventura County, CA)

A big THANK YOU to our community members who joined us in the making of this fun community project including: The Dallas …


15 thoughts on “Oxnard Police Department Lip Sync Challenge (Ventura County, CA)

  1. Started of superbly with LOW RIDER! WISH YOU HAD GONE TO A NEW SONG OTHER THAN BRUNO MARS. You would have been one of the few to use all new songs. About was also used by another Police Dept.
    The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders was a great touch! Goodnight was also used by someone else
    The credit song should have been used instead of GOODNIGHT!! GREAT VIDEO THOUGH.
    ChinaDoll of the Platters
    (We close our show with SHOUT!)

  2. I'm a documentary filmmaker in San Francisco, and I'd like to use a clip from this for a film about the Borderline Bar and Grill shooting last year and the cover-up. Since it's a public agency produced item, there shouldn't be any problem, but who should I speak to in order to make sure we're all squared away?

  3. This nonsense is typical of our age. Instead of officers acting dignified and professional, they naively imagine that the public would be more accepting of them if they pranced about and shake their booty's to ghetto rap or hip-hop music. How well did that work after the Fentanyl Floyd incident and the defund the police movement?

    These dumb cops thought they could play cutesy and everybody would love and respect them, but they managed only to make fools of themselves. The cops are more hated than ever. Maybe next time they'll stop trying to follow lame trends that only make them look stupid.

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