Excerpt from the historical monologue “400 Years of English History” presented by artist/historian George S. Stuart as part of an …


26 thoughts on “Prince Albert Victor

  1. "Eddy's proclivity was sexual…"..yes,..proclivity is natural inclination…sexual proclivity is common to most human beings. Mr.Stuart's English is as bad as his history. There is no documentary evidence, or any sort other than hearsay, of Albert Victor's sexual adventures and he most definitely died of influenza. This is prurient entertainment dressed up as history and delivered rather smugly. Abusing facts to play to the gallery is a dangerous and shabby pastime.

  2. Where on Earth does the chap get his information? He was NOT arrested in the Cleveland Street brothel scandal – the solicitor for Arthur Somerset who WAS arrested implicated the Prince in order to make sure that the scandal was hushed up. As for having sex with his niece – at the time of Albert Victor's death none of his siblings had either married or had children. I hate this sort of bogus biographical bonhomie – deserves a spell in the Tower of London, nothing less.

  3. Appalling example of popular gossip masquerading as history. It is of course easier to make our students laugh rather than impart scientific learning. Where is you evidence for the footman remark, where that for the syphilis diagnosis. Look to your sources, sir!

  4. You've been reading too many crime novels…try checking out the TRUE story here. The Annie Crook marriage thing has been completely debunked for years now and so have most of the other rumours about Eddy.

  5. This is the most appalling unadulterated drivel, showing Stuart to be an ignorant cretinous cynical half-wit.  grassic and freebeerforworkers below have it about right and apart from the obvious intelligence of their comments, they are supported by the hard documentary evidence. 

  6. What a lot of heresy….. just whatever nonsense this unfortunate narrator could get his hands on with the least scrutiny possible…… these are the times when people get their education from Youtube and the mercenaries on it. If there is any decency in this world this clip would be removed. It is plain abuse of history and gossip.

  7. Eddy was also a fervent Mason like his father. They may have doctored up his service record to place him out of the country for the Ripper murders, in which bodies dumped from the coach of a well-to-do man were killed and arranged in accordance with Masonic scripture. We are likely repeating the words of a cover-up when we defend this dead-eyed psychopath.

  8. he became ill in January, 1892 on a shooting party at Sandringham. About 1 million people die during the influenza pandemic of the late 1890's, as did Prince Eddy.

  9. haha look at all the commnts!!! someone hit a nerve is that you Roman Polanski as your great grandfahehr was kaiser wilhelm and you look jsut like him who was just as dumb and inbred as prince albert here hahahahah

  10. Prince Eddy was a sharp dresser, always meticulously groomed. He seems much fairer in complexion than I'd imagined based on black and white photo images.

  11. Well, this footage is old but isn't it true that his brother, George V, is the one who launched a smear campaign against Eddy so he would look good as king?

  12. Wow, what a stupid flippant and ignorant "account" of this man's life. This guy telling these falsehoods is no better than some cheap fourth rate stand up comic at a crappy bar, and it sounds like he is telling all this to a bunch of idiots judging from the laughter. Albert Victor was never arrested for being at the gay brothel, that was a rumor. He is reported to have had some gay love affairs, if so then So What? Yes is he was a beautiful man for sure, he did not look like this horrible wax figure shown here either. He probably had learning disabilities which in those times people did not know about, These days it would be pretty awful to run down a person for that. So disrespectful the way this person talks about Albert Victor here. I would urge people with a brain to find the real story of his life on a reliable site.

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