Jesse Ventura.


47 thoughts on “Sexual Tyrannosarous

  1. Hot Toys Predator Blain and Predator Dillon On my Page Exclusive!!!!!!!
    Reminder for everyone… Hot Toys Blade 2 Video will be up Next week end so get ready to rumble. Oh and Im still? waiting for my HCG? Exclusive Aliens Hero Pulse Rifle so I can do a video review on that….

  2. @Smushinator – Too true.
    However, i'm sure Blaine would just take his old mate – Mr.Minigun, and jam it so far up their asses, they'd turn straight.
    "I aint got time to lube" hahahahha!
    Anyway, thanks for the video and what an awesome film!

  3. @TheNameTooSexyToShow Yeah, it sometimes causes you to misspell Tyrannosaurus, change your name from James to Jess, and also seek a political career in Minnesota.

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