The Art of ACE VENTURA: A Psychological Thriller in Disguise



46 thoughts on “The Art of ACE VENTURA: A Psychological Thriller in Disguise

  1. It didn't occur to me when I saw this as a kid in the 90s that that "actually a man" plot point might perpetuate fear, distrust, and misunderstanding of trans people. I recently saw the documentary Disclosure, which is about transgender depictions in film and TV, and this movie was included in it. A trans man was like "I loved this movie and Jim Carrey's wackiness as a kid, but I rewatched it as an adult and was kind of horrified by the implications of the ending!" One joke isn't going to kill someone, but over and over, those lazy "actually a man" jokes add up and create a false image of trans people, especially for those who've never even met someone who's trans, especially when the few depictions of trans or trans-adjacent characters are by people who themselves have never met someone who's trans, and contribute to their marginalization and susceptibility to violence.

  2. As far back as I can remember I watched when nature calls so much tat I still know every movement and word to this day. Also, as a kid we had a sliding glass door….you can imagine that I often did a heckuva ace ventura impression pretty often….and uuuh anyone else remember the cartoon? I do….I still love it lol

  3. I attribute the sarcastic sense of humor I developed at a relatively young age to the galactic levels of sarcasm Carey achieves with some of his lines in this film. "I came to confess, I was the second gunman on the grassy knoll"

  4. Never cared to applied current era misguided views to a almost 30 year old movie. It's a comedy, and always will be regardless of how much you get booty tickled over it. They're just jokes.
    >inb4 shitty jokes hurr durr

    No they're aren't, you're just upset. Cope harder.

  5. Ace trying to match up the rings on different football player's by sneaking a peek at people at the urinal and accidentally stumbles upon someone who is "into it" and has to run away and the guy skips after him !!!! HAHA

  6. "the transphobic content wasnt intended"

    But it was. Times changed and what they did back then isnt acceptable now but that doesn't mean they should be attacked for it and it also means they should stand by the work they did, not pretend that it wasnt intended when it clearly was.

  7. While I think the original movie is better, a naked Ace coming out of that rhino’s ass while people were watching was the greatest sequence ever put on film.

  8. This is a fantastic retrospective on a movie, that I have seen over 100 times and grew up with, which gave me a completely new perspective to see the movie from.
    All I can say is… Bravo

  9. Fun Fact; Ace Ventura was originally rated R by he MPAA, so they cut scenes out of the movie because of: gore and sex. for example when he throws the hook into the henchmen in the end of the movie it cuts and doens't show them anymore, well it's because they died in a deleted scene it would show their heads getting ripped off and Ace scared removing his finger prints to not get arrested, that is in the scipt and also a nightmare sequence where his eye would be eaten by birds which has a photo of the scene

  10. I give Ace V an easy time about its transphobic stuff. I don't think Finkle's transition had anything to do with gender issues, and instead became part of his crazy but calculated plan after he discovered the missing hiker article. All the homophobic vomit stuff was, imo, a great little satire on The Crying Game, and not just a "boys kissing boys is gross" joke that was made in bad faith.

    If anything, I think the idea that a pro foot ball player could transition flawlessly into a Sigourney Weaver looking hottie within a few years offered a bit of a pipe dream to gender questioning folk in a pre-hormone therapy world.

  11. The twist in this film is hilarious
    How many Guys could truly sleep with a girl and not realized that none haha So they all did it knowingly but didn't wanna be exposed or embarrassed so they pretended they had no clue lmao

  12. The cable guy is a 100 times darker than this movie!
    At least this movie had some charm to it to where if your parent walked in back then they would think OK hes watching maybe a pg 13 movie at worst You watch the cable guy you know you're watching a dark grown up weird but pretty decent dark comedy

  13. I'd argue the first movie is not transphobic simply because I'd argue the main villain isn't trans. They transitioned from man to woman to further an agenda, not because they identified as a woman as far as we know.

  14. "Transphopbic and homophobic qualities" is just absolutely nonsense. Ace has a completely natural reaction to what happens, and it's a comedy anyway.

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