The Bangles "Doll Revolution" Ventura County Fair

Recorded on Aug 9, 2007 @ the Ventura County Fair.


16 thoughts on “The Bangles "Doll Revolution" Ventura County Fair

  1. I LOVE the Bangles. They are one of my all-time favorite bands.

    I went to this Bangles concert at the Ventura County Fair. The concert was awesome.

    Thanx for uploading the footage.

  2. Who dries your eyes when you cry real tears?
    Who knows or cares what 'imitation' is?
    Only *YOU* do!

    You can make somebody a pretty little wife,
    But don't let nobody tell you how to live your life…
    Broke in pieces!

    Tear off your own head!
    It's a Doll Revolution!

    What's that sound? It'll turn you around…

  3. They are so lifeless, their stupid rockstar poses don't make them "rock", it just reinforces what a fake the current "bangles" are. Especially Vicki Petersons looks like a total goofball!

  4. Okay, comparing "early" Bangles footage to stuff shot at recent shows and seeing their recent show in Milwaukee proves that they are still the same gurls. They do not have the rockstar poses down, but they can play the hell out of their instruments! Yes, we still miss Michael, but I love the fact the gurls are still playing and recording!?!

  5. @southernrockdrummer Sorry, but it was the Bangles before Michael and after. I love Michael, but it sounds like she chose to leave, and I respect that. The gurls still have the chemistry to play together and a following that will sell tickets to shows (and maybe a new album?).

  6. There gets a point when you are just too old to rock. I think Michael may have understood that. The Bangles need to hang it up and let their past performances speak for themselves. VENTURA County Fair! Please!!!

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