The Beach Boys – Live At Ventura County Fair, Ventura CA (2020-10-23, FM Broadcast, Drive-In Show)

in times of strife in the beach boys world… feel flows… the recent fundraiser controversy… it’s important to get together and focus on …


20 thoughts on “The Beach Boys – Live At Ventura County Fair, Ventura CA (2020-10-23, FM Broadcast, Drive-In Show)

  1. This concert is super awesome and I hope they do something like this again for their 60th anniversary tour. I hope all surviving original members reunite. I also hope Blondie and Ricky rejoin the group. I also hope John Stamos as well as Christian Love become official members because they are good on Dennis and Carl’s vocals. There should be another touring member who is a good musician and an awesome guitar god. That guitar is Mike Oldfield who is best known for his composition Tubular Bells. What do you think about all this?

  2. What's really a shame is is that there are some really good voices in this band. Mikes is not one of them. Why don't they just let him lip-sync & have someone else sing?

  3. Mike Love – vocals, tambourine

    – Bruce Johnston – vocals, keyboard
    Tim Bonhomme – backing vocals, keyboards
    Scott Totten – vocals, lead guitar musical director
    Randy Leago – harmony and backing vocals, saxophones, flutes, harmonicas, percussion
    Randall Kirsch – vocals, bass rhythm guitar
    Christian Love – vocals, rhythm guitar
    Keith Hubacher – bass, backing vocals
    Rob Bonfiglio – vocals, rhythm guitar
    Matthew Jordan – vocals, keyboard
    john Cowsill – vocals, drums
    Stamos as guest performer

  4. This video starts out with Do It Again .. but only a few seconds into it becomes almost completely unrecognizable!! This is a very bad Beach Boys cover band apparently led by Mike Love? Sooo glad I missed it. I first heard the Beach Boys in 1964 when I was 10… I moved from Chicago to California at 21 because of the life changing fantasy they created. Ok, gotta go… gonna turn this @#$%^&*() off!!!!!

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