The Living New Deal: Ventura CA Post Office Mural

Gordon G. Grant artist. A thanks to the operators of the Ventura community website for thinking my effort pretty …


6 thoughts on “The Living New Deal: Ventura CA Post Office Mural

  1. I was not critic about the artist. My love for those who make art is absolute. I tried to explain the feeling inspired in me by thise scenes of work. A feeling is a personal insight and is always very "complicato". Italian is a language for the soul side of life I 'm not able to explain it in english.:) excuse me .

  2. about your answer i can tell you a "adagio"( proverb)
    Si mangia per vivere ma non si vive per mangiare:) ( we eat for living but we don't live to eat) but I know that is'nt easy appreciate this words when one is hungry.
    Nevertheless I'm happy to see you here again, we missed you , really.

  3. Sorry about the typos…master at ink sketching..published a book on whaling which was the envy of fellow Disney animators I worked with…Book is called "Greasy Luck", is available at Amazon…His paintings shouldn't be missed either…this is a classic WPA style which is nothing like his personal work…Thanks for the video Amiduffer…

  4. From 1979 to 2003 on and off…a fellow animator friend who just moved to Ventura called and told me about the murals..then i found you…look under images and you'll get the idea of how talented he was….I'm sure he didn't do the mural for the money but for the experience and the message….

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