The Nightmare World of Gang Stalking

More than 10000 people worldwide claim they’re the victims of a vast organized surveillance effort designed to ruin their lives, …


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  1. After this one no more programs I’m getting tired I was standing on the corner of 8 th ave this moring guess what I saw driving in the car the school address and guess he gave the driver I saw you in the car you gave me the fingure as I was standing there they got my moms car to that guy gave me the creeps yes on the stairs what ever I was doing in my House he was watching the cars where gone when the bus drove down this afternoon I’m the moring. I saw them are you people for fricken real or not how stupid do you think I’m gangstalking baby cakes there was a car driving. You on forest hill there is a place with people with disabilities devolmental disabilities I saw the car the car was black and driving through I was on the bus where I happened to see everything

  2. It’s very much real and not delusional. And once you pick up on it, you can spend as much time as you want dividing what is related and what is not. You can spend years or the rest of your life. It’s up to you. I am myself got tired of it after I realized how real it was. And after not knowing what I had done wrong, I had just become extremely transparent. if they want to know my business, I showed them my business! I also showed them that I am proud of what I’ve got, and I have nothing to be ashamed of. I also showed them that I have a much more interesting life than they do. if you play your cards right, you might become somewhat of a star. As a sigma empath, I have learned to take the reins and become the puppet master of the show. these folks are very far from professional! And they are just a bunch of cheese dorks that have collaborated within themselves and modern technology. They are extremely nosy, they have way too much time on their hands and they are not going to physically hurt you from my experience .Just whatever you do, don’t let them get you down! They are truly not worthy of concern, and most likely envy something about you. Just remember that and carry on about your life. Putting your hands on a running coward is not really satisfying anyway! Trust me! And if you need someone to talk to, I’m here with my transplant and spiritual wisdom.

  3. Gangstalking lives on the white car was missing all day he had a grey jerp are you fircreal in thete she was gone all day yes she the one harrasing me the lady yes sitting in the ferry she was darkened skinned I was sitting at my corner she was reading my thoughts abd so was the lady the one that works fir the fire department who knows where that one went yes after this no programs I’m checking this afternoon if that homeless man is there down there after this no more programs they know where I’m sitting in the bus baby she’s are you awake yet it eas coming the limo driver house where not welicine anywhere witches are us Travis ave I was sitting on the bus yes. I saw the black car what the hell did you see ny just sitting she pulled in the driveway it was The last home or second on the block there what the duck do you want from us idiots wake up there gangstalking this is all how we’re are going to go I’m calling my friend over the weakned and I’m going to fill in sone dirt that I have to tell her I’m just going to the tutoring. No more or grams I know all about group stalking

  4. I don’t know how I became a victum of gangstalking the cars tge drive around are subways. And normally they have the hat in driver From Nr of there car I saw it this noring as I was wating on the bus now we know

  5. I got some dirt tell my friend this weakned I still see chap drawing’s I’m taking. Pictures tomorrow I knew someone. Did not like me I’m still be bing gangstalked and I cannot wait till to come back I saw the bkack down on 35 street when I came out no homeless person they think I feel by see them I I’m not taking pictures of them the chalk drawn yes tommorow mirror ng I read some of after this no more programs

  6. Don’t erase them down there tommorow morning8 th ave and 35 I saw the black car to you think I don’t see you pat attetion I cannot till come down on my block. You will all be in trouble down there when I come home

  7. Empty parking lot on west 35 street if that spot is still not taken go get I think the chalk drawings said get your trash elsewhere like the sighn but the teacher it’s black and white. With the dog wait until I come back home in a half an hour I will be there

  8. you know they can get in trouble for no programs after this one it was more stalking and gangstalking they don’t harrasing my other friend that lives down there make her an Enemy

  9. The silver car is parked in her driveway she was gone all yes afterward I see your window I should call the cops on you I have a right. The car was black she she’s involved in my gangstalking your 742 Klondike ave are you up. Who knows what ther texting o message Baird maybe somone placed my home address and My email l address oh she did I knew her car was gone I did not see it when I came yes I did speak to the police about they know what I right I can fir incvsdion of orivacy

  10. They makes us hang out with criminals. I can’t wait till I come back home somone told me take ti the highest court they told me do what ever I can do gain my freedom and independence back that list since 2012 or even earlier than that

  11. I saw the car saying smile you baby canes looked at my Facebook this what the outcome was I saw it where I was sitting told ya highest court case as possible I hope those drawings are not down there that means to get out. I’m taking a pictures when. I get down there. It’s buy the 8th and 35 street it’s buy the c line train station this why I don’t have Facebook. Who knows what they’re talking about Irene not smiling I saw the ti car service s where I was sitting on the bus this morning. Good thing I spoke to my dectivr I should hire him for my case. He’s very good I spoke to him I got scared last night hood thing I took it down especially with us kids I listened to my mom stop labeling us

  12. social stigma abd gangstalking I was going to go over and sleep at his house light there was a cat fight in backyard last night maybe it was a raccoon I heard I told highest court case ever

  13. that blue car I knew it was missing. A long time it eas here when we moved here I looked up at google maps. I knew it was missing. The red car down the block who does that belong to I saw you come out the block is merry mount tge mist hated person on the block

  14. I was just talkin to my uncle and they listening to try and say I'm talking to much and to shhhh but the whole world talk to much an isay nothin negative mainly on what others do to hurt me are how they treat me never

  15. Respiridone side affects treners Traded FDIC’s what ever you call take the respiridone this how the place us on drugs and it’s a family take the respiridone Irene you know what that is used fir kids that are autistic sycophrenia maybe the person needs it more that I do I never had to be placed on this I never should have gone to IWD that’s where everything started from they read my Intellagence report in front of all of the participants in the group it eas 2014 that started I tell you what happened I had a reflotokgy appointment that day I. Abe in at 1:30 I was sitting outside I came in Abd I heard the whole group thete to three ladies. That where participates I was schocked when I cane in there abd I heard I was sitting there for an hrs I should have placed it on recording. There on 21 abd 1 ave this where I ws going I wanted to go ther e after my surgery I guess that went down the drain to group stalking that usually takes place with 10 to 15 participants now I know where the work place bulking took place maybe buy a family member They might have bribed my cow workers to steal my belongs maybe an innocent one now the truth is all about to come out stop the gangstalking

  16. It was gangstalking I cought the ti Greeks diwn at Bupkus house okay now I knew he looked familiar he down the stairs now I know there is a few Greek around my way silogh street vasser down my place and radfird street Wsgibgtin and Harold street how stupid did you think we were. Who knows what the other one reading. I’m cleaning out my phone and staying away from toxics peope I think he was sending his friends down maybe to soy

    Spy on me we found it

  17. This going on all day here I got scared again this afternoon I saw the lady I got a different underused she irvyou see my mom shooing at Burlington. The Dane shirt this time the Lafayette had blond hair so differently identified this why I’m afraid to go out they took my orivalges away fro me no more program afocthis there perps

  18. They’re still driving down here silver car lives 731 Klondike. Tow of them left but the 4 sale I want to move make our lives a living hell like we care anymore

  19. still being gangstalked i saw the entire stutaion on the s 61 bus where i was siting from on kellyblvd did you fun did you have fun kelly blvd i saw parked your selves its a blue car i saw the whole thing from where i waa sitting one on travis are are you all for eal i saw the silveer car coming pulling up i saw you all from where i was sitting what you get akick out what the frick i do all day your making more corosses bring down tonight your ass will be printed all over the street billbaord and tapned now atleats im doing something with my life not haging arond making crosses all i lost family and freinds due to all of this i see the sticker son there most of the m are silver after this no more programs i just focus on my parents my i think im going to get a little dog your targtingme so i can leave y nieghborhood and my favoirte city that i love som much he was on west 35 i told ya it came from IWD were the groupstalking to place i knew there something funny and odd that day when i walked in there my mom told me irene you should have kncoked at the door and what is going on in here i should have recored it on my phone next time that happnes iwlll i can du no more programs after this they fucked up life did you all have fun i saw everything from the s61 bus this afternoon this why i dont stay here al day and after no programs and im staying aaway from epople as much as possible hangs up call shee they doing it again stop calling my house at all times its gangstalking that was telling me to get out of 35 street i was waiting to cross the street i cant do nor more so that menas the caller haging up call the police maybe i should

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