The West 2019 Part 11 – Southern California Fun

We spend several days enjoying Southern California. We visit Buellton and Solvang, in the Santa Ynez Valley wine region.


17 thoughts on “The West 2019 Part 11 – Southern California Fun

  1. We enjoyed the Carriage museum in Santa Ynez which has all kinds of buggies, wagons, and carriages. Fun place. We also like Ballard (there are a lot of buzzards in the trees! and the Fess Parker Hotel, flag pole in the street, etc.). Loved Solvang. Have been there many times. I sometimes still go to Anderson's for Pea Soup (Don't know if it is still serving food as it was said to be closing?). There is a pretty little county park near Solvang which has a nice small waterfall.

  2. Lovely. It's making me miss my son who I visited in Cali in June. The drives remind me of our time together. Miss he and his family so much. Can't wait to go again next summer.

  3. I enjoyed very much watching your videos, I have been only in California , Arizona and Las Vegas Nevada, some parts of California , I almost watch all of your blogs, very nice photograpic and your sound tracks, I love watching over n over your videos and most of all you RV
    I dreamed of having like that here in the Philippines, God Bless and keep safe

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