Travis Tritt – Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde

Music video by Travis Tritt performing Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde. (C) 2000 Sony BMG Music Entertainment.


38 thoughts on “Travis Tritt – Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde

  1. I had it tucked in me waist band at me back. Up the steps and back down locked out, up the wall through the attic up and down theem mean double trusses. Back down the rabbit hole to the cellar graves and out again. Then me old white dress straight up the middle, off center a little bit and two clicks after 3 of them. Dip?

  2. One bolt for the alternator, thank you Alexandria.
    Hand cuffs off.
    New battery.
    Ill plan my prison amd me old poison.
    Ill be who I am meant to be, you go be you.
    Apologies in advance for the inconvenience.

  3. Someone told a nye lie, I did not go, they said you were an "amateur." I also did not believe it. I just saw you on a runway walking to your jet, I forgot what she looked like.

  4. Go to the dollhouse.
    Not the one I got in a fight in.
    Theres another one up North.
    Beautiful thimgs.
    One kept putting her number in my pocket.
    There is another one, a lawyer I think, tell her I said apologies for the tears.
    Just a place to rest.
    That place is gorgeous, I enjoyed a view of a sunrise.
    A clean slate game, they hate competition, wish them luck.
    I do not recommend ping pong, the table is still dirty.
    Claim what your doing in the ways the BIBLE says, taxes and other things.
    Love always
    PS wear all the jewelry and enjoy a place to rest, call it home and claimed.
    Picture the tree tops.
    Do a walk around the instruments.
    Flights are best the way they are best, then notarize it.

  5. One more thing, how you file is up to you, joint or single….your claim is yours. What I claim single is too dangerous love, be safe.

  6. May I please have keys for the 24 hour room service and the expired coupons. I am planning to help others with work amd paying taxes, I kept theem power on. Duke power sent the thank you note. I am starting a different career in a business I remember every time I enjoy. The kind the task is completed. I am working to stimulate the economy in a clean slate and ping pong table way. Tell them to be good.
    Thank you

  7. This is a add on to the comment I posted about a year ago. One thing I failed to mention, right before my grandfather passed away he opened up the family history book and as we were going through the family history. He showed us where the family is related to Bonnie Parker known as Elizabeth Bonnie Parker. So I’m related to some serious Texas history. Innoway it’s kind of creepy in another way it’s cool as heck. I believe we all have historical figures somewhere in our family line. I’m also related to America Davis. Just look up your family history or genealogy and you might surprise yourself

  8. I had a friend named Clyde where his family from that area where Bonnie and Clyde were killed. He was dating a girl named called Connie, where they were going to change the C to a B.

  9. The content of this video doesn’t make any sense?? cuz nowadays you can just walk into a store. Take what you want and leave and Nothing happens.

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