Ventura County Fair Drone Fireworks Show

I sent my multicopter up to record the fireworks show from a different perspective. This was record on the beach next to Ventura …


4 thoughts on “Ventura County Fair Drone Fireworks Show

  1. Although very cool….. COMPLETELY irresponsible. What if one of those hits the 'copter took sent it crashing into who knows what, or who on the ground. Posting videos like this is fuel for the FAA to ban these altogether – use some common sense!

  2. Very nice video, and the only risk I see was to your own quadcopter. CactusJackSlade that's just paranoia.  Some people just looking for a reason to complain.  How many incidents have we heard of where anyone has been hurt by a falling Phantom.?   It's great to see things like this from a completely different perspective , thanks for sharing Gabriel.

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