Ventura County Sheriff's Office, DA Office Employees Among 3 Arrested In Vandalism Of 'BLM' Sign

A non-sworn Ventura County Sheriff’s Office and Ventura County District Attorney’s Office employee were among the three people …


37 thoughts on “Ventura County Sheriff's Office, DA Office Employees Among 3 Arrested In Vandalism Of 'BLM' Sign

  1. If I put an "All Lives Matter" sign and it gets vandalized then I expect the Ventura County Sheriff to make an attempt to arrest the ones who do the vandalism. Unless the sign was sanctioned by the city I don't see how this is vandalism. You can't go around putting up signs wherever you want. If they get destroyed you might as well arrest someone for picking up a piece of trash you left on the ground and claim it was stolen by the person who picked it up because you were planning on keeping it. This isn't a crime. Maybe I'll put a cup on the ground, write on it "All Lives Matter", put a camera on it, go home and wait until someone throws it away and call the police to have the person who did the terrible vandalism arrested.

  2. All mosques are symbols of religious minority persecution and African slavery. All the confederate statues being torn down were statues of Democrats. To ensure equality; shouldn't mosques and all things Democrat be destroyed? I think so. And that's something I'm going to give my full attention too.

  3. Why doesn't Black Lives Matter call themselves "All Black Lives Matter"? Because they would have to acknowledge black on black crime. For instance a black Mother is shot holding her baby on her front porch by a black person who missed his original target. Those black lives are counted as mattered. They don't understand a police officer might be a little nervous patrolling a city than allows those things to happen. If they'll kill a Mother holding her baby and nobody saw nuffin how safe should that officer feel? In Oakland they pay black people monthly checks if they promise not to kill somebody for a month. The mayor says it's cheaper than murder trials.

  4. Black privilege is being able to destroy monuments and American history and not be charged. In some states Black privilege gets you free money and soon free health care at the expense of all other races. Who rules who?

  5. They topple statues and it's no problem. They cut a banner down and it's vandalism.. what about the looters and people setting fire to cities? This isn't good.

  6. OK, good. He should be arrested for vandalism, because that's what it is. However, it's also vandalism to destroy public property — like statues, or to spray-paint and/or smash the windows of business owners. Either it's all vandalism, and they all are subject to arrest, or it's protest, and everyone gets to express their "rage" in ways that are meaningful to them. Can't have it both ways, regardless of what the vigilantes say.

  7. You bunch of cowards who live in these cities better grow a pair and stand up to these communist politicians. Don't cry to the rest of us or move to the country and bring your politics with you, FIX YOUR MESS.

  8. What a hero. He tore down the terrorist's Sign. Their leaders say that they are "trained marxists", but they're really commies in a revolution that aren't looking for equality. How long can the towns and states keep playing this charade?

  9. "The actions of racist, extremist elements must be explicitly condemned.
    If we do not condemn those actions, then we implicitly encourage them,
    and that is in direct opposition to our goal of equality for all." -Lt
    General R. Sanchez, US Army, Commander of US Ground Forces in Iraq

  10. Are you freaking kidding me get over your self people this is ridiculous he’s not vandalizing anything why don’t you show the riots are actually people are being vandalized this is an outrage shame on this whole political agenda I will be out them all life matters you idiots

  11. Nacy Pelosi stated: People do what people do in regards to staues and monuments being taken down. People do what people do But not when Terrorist groups Signs are involved

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