WATCH: Ventura County sheriff holds news conference after body found in Lake Piru

Ventura County Sheriff Bill Ayub speaks at a news conference on Monday after a body was found in California’s Lake Piru during …


20 thoughts on “WATCH: Ventura County sheriff holds news conference after body found in Lake Piru

  1. Such sad news, the fact that she put her son's safety first makes the outcome even sadder, I wonder why she didn't use her life jacket, it probably would had saved her life

  2. As the law enforcement mention a day or so ago, she may be tangled in brush. They said she may never be found. But, today she came back up. finally a closure for the family. People dont realize swimming these lakes tire you out quickly due to the water being cold and heavy. I have swam in many lakes and it's easy to get tired fast especially when your boat starts to drift and you have to chase it.

  3. I pray for her sweet little boy and her parents. Life can be so cruel & unfair. I am so sorry for their loss. God, I don't understand, but please give them comfort and peace that surpasses all understanding.

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  5. We are supposedly on lock down by our president hello venture?? Dont like to follow the rules of course they think their above the president cod19 in full affect so we can spread it lol hahaha

  6. The sheriff's use their girlfriends and relatives pre-school aged children to pose with doubles for photogenic photo's to frame people sheriff's want dead as pedophiles and sheriff's pay such pre-school children ten grand for their posing services!
    Sheriff's call their female county jail kitchen prep cooks by the nick name Mrs Dash in love letters and such women brag in their diaries they poison off people and brag their victims cannot get help by calling 911 or by going to a hospital because badge carriers will interfere at the hospital and will coerce and intimidate the doctor into not helping poisoned patient and to not take a toxicology test and to pretend to not know what's wrong with the patient and pretend to not notice the poisoning symptoms!
    Sheriff's and their buddies/relatives/girlfriends for decades have used doubles and photogenic photo's to frame their victims for crimes and use such fabricated evidence to vili9fy their victim on news stations and on the web and in news papers!
    Calling 911 to charge a badge carrier with felony crimes gets first responders to show up but they will not take your complaint on badge carriers and will instead grin and smirk at your face and pretend they have complaints on you instead and will only act on that fabricated complaint of their and will ignore your complaints on them!
    News media is filled to the brim with people that are buddies/relatives/girlfriends of badge carriers so now you know why news media does a piss poor job of watch dogging the police/sheriff's and will always take badge carriers side and will cove4r for murderous sting operations and will vilify/mentalfy anyone that tries to whistle blow on badge carriers!

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